I'm a designer and researcher who brings an insistent passion for the user’s perspective.

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For me, design and research are intricately linked. My process is focused on developing a shared understanding, building empathy and carefully evaluating potential solutions.




My path to UX was not a direct one. I spent my undergrad and a bit of time as a masters students exploring other cultures as an anthropology major. Then, for 7 years, I built a career in academic administration and recruiting. While I did not know it at the time, this was the perfect place to hone the professional skills that I rely on heavily today like advocacy, facilitation and problem-solving.

I was working at design school when I started to see a new path for myself—a way to use my skills to identify and solve problems. So, I went back to school for human-computer interaction and made a major career change. Thanks to some amazing mentors I found my path as a designer and researcher.

As a design practitioner, I encourage both my team and clients to look at design problems holistically, striving for deeper contextual understanding of the problems we are trying to solve. In my role as design research director and now as a service designer I am consistently an advocate for research-informed design. I'm continuously exploring new ways to conduct, visualize and utilize research to improve user experiences as well as the processes that create them.

Now in my role as a service designer, I've had the opportunity to expand beyond digital products to truly omnichannel experiences that require coordination and support across the organization. I’ve helped bridge the gaps across disciplines and introduce design to new areas within the organization.

Beyond work, I believe in lifelong learning through both experiences and more formalized education. Currently, I'm dedicating the majority of my Saturday afternoons to French language classes. Each year I try to travel abroad to experience new cultures and gain perspective about my own.

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